More About Me

My background is heavily loaded with helping people make great deals. Thousands have trusted my sales team and I to inform and keep them updated so they could make educated buying and selling decisions.

Where do you want to be? The search tool found here is updated within minutes of a property being listed for sale by every multiple listing service (MLS) in the country. We're MUCH faster than the public property search tools you're accustomed to. Create your own custom search. You can even download my app and hold the property you desire in the palm of your hand.

Do you or someone you care about need a real estate professional somewhere else? Let's talk about your position and have my vetting team find the right real estate professional for you. They're experts at what they do.

Whether you're in northern Michigan or anywhere else in the country, my experience and counsel, my team, and the tools I make available to you WILL help you achieve your goals.

Connect with me today. I look forward to helping you make YOUR great deal.